It was a long time coming but our release for the hit song “Kiss the Earth’ finally made it’s debut to the world. We actually had a lot of fun shooting this video and along with the production and final editing, we are really happy with the product.

The live band shots was filmed in an old abandoned building which is a few months away from total demolition. With the help of our guitarist Jon Gray, we were able to rent out the building for a few days so that we could start filming. It was a hot summer day and honestly the building was a little creepy. Lot’s of graffitti, lots of stairways, broken windows, and later on we even discovered that someone was making it their home in one of the rooms off to the side.



When you kiss the earth, you’re smacking the ground, whether it be pavement or dirt. We pay tribute to all the bike soldiers out there who sacrifice their body for the love of the sport. In a world where cars have little respect, we’re essentially risking our lives every time we get on our bikes and ride.

– Noah Jake Welborn- vocals

You could say that the entire BLESS THE DEAD band are all avid bikers. Some like off-road and some like street. The idea was to pay homage to anyone and everyone who has a bike and loves to ride. Lead singer Noah Jake Welborne wrote the lyrics to the song. His inspiration was the biker who rode like it was their last day on earth. People who got on their bikes to freestyle, or just take to the streets with their buddies. Everyday they got out on their bike, they are willing to risk their bodies from harmful or even fatal injuries. This song is meant for them.

After all the filming was complete, their multi-media team brought the videos back to the lab and started putting all the pieces together. Infused with actual bike riding scenes from the largest bike riding super stars on Youtube, the group was very satisfied with the final product, and they hope their fans are too. What do you think of the video? Drop your comments on the feed below and let the band know!